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UI / UX Concepts,
A collection of designs I have worked on

I often challenge myself to design randomly generated ideas, as a way to keep up with the upcoming design trends and enhance my skills and my creativity in term of UI and UX.

Here are some smaller creations but still very useful to progress and learn about UI / UX.


One of my most advanced projects this far : the UI design of an app designed to offer the user a selection of random movies.
This project was important as it helped me learn the bases of the "Dark Theme" trend that's starting to become popular.


On this project, I designed more screen than usual. The reason for that choice is that I really like the idea I came up with : Creating an app that can help you order plants online
Even though I am not capable of developing it, I still wanted to imagine what it could look like.

Los Angeles Marathon

I saw this idea online : design a sign-up page. As simple as it sound, it was still very challenging. I chose to create a signup page for the Los Angeles Marathon.

T.A.R.S. - Space Colony Web App

This goal of this project, quite bigger than the others, was to design a web-app for the first colony on Mars. Passionate about space, future and high tech, I had a blast designing these few interfaces.
I wanted to keep the interface modern and minimalist and still bring some of the best features of today's social medias website.

Card Checkout

This time, I just wanted to design a simple card checkout mobile interface.


This is an imagined leaderboard for an online mobile game.