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Everyone gets a logo,
Some of my best logos

I looove to design logos ! Researching, creating, trying typos, comparing and asking for opinions... I often challenge myself to create some logos, for fake companies, as a way to keep up with trends and improve my skills.

Here are many logos, with a short description each time :


A logo for a fake vinyard, based off the greek god Dionysos, god of alcohol and parties.

Le Couteau Savoyard

A logo for a local hunting knife shop.


A logo for a fake audio equiment manufacturer, like Audiotechnica or Bose.

Magic Bazar

A logo for a board games, puzzle games, toys, magic and action figures shop.

Mamma Miam!

A logo for a fake restaurant/snack. I wanted to keep if lighthearted and fun, while playing on the snack thing !

Amour Flou

A friend of mine let me work on her logo and business card. She has a small hand-crafter jewellery business online. This is the result, I tried to keep the whole "hand-made" spirit while adding a bright red she really like. To view the business card, check on Behance !


A logo for an art furniture shop (paper, pencils, brushes, frames...)

Pan Am Airlines - Logo rebrand

This is a different logo. This time, I tried to rebrand the old Pan Am Airlines logo, while making it minimalist and modern. I straightened the lines, added shades of blue, and rolled with it !