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Graphic Challenges,
A collection of random projects

I often challenge myself to design randomly generated ideas, as a way to keep up with the upcoming design trends and enhance my skills and my creativity.

Here are many smaller creations, often too small to be categorised as a full project :

T.A.R.S. - Space Colony Web App

This goal of this project, quite bigger than the others, was to design a web-app for the first colony on Mars. Passionate about space, future and high tech, I had a blast designing these few interfaces.
I wanted to keep the interface modern and minimalist and still bring some of the best features of today's social medias website.

Aston Martin - Party Invite

For this project, I had to produce a party invite for the automobile giant : Aston Martin. I chose to keep it dark, to induce mystery, while still including some gold - for the prestigious feeling. I wanted to keep it minimalist and sharp, as the brand always is.

Blue Origin Colony - Pub pour une colonie d'asteroide

Maybe living on a rock floating in space wouldn't suit anyone, but I sure would love it ! That's why I enjoyed designing this fake add for an asteroïd colony names Andromeda. I associated it with the Blue Origin company, about to be famous for its space missions.